HCNet: A database of heart and calcium functional network

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HCNet: A database of heart and calcium functional network
S E Hong; S H Rho; Young Il Yeom; D H Kim
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Bioinformatics, vol. 22, no. 16, pp. 2053-2054
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Summary: The Heart and Calcium functional Network (HCNet) database is a collection of functional gene modules calculated from the microarray data compendium available from the GEO database. It is a specialized database designed to assist experimentalists for cardiac calcium signaling research by providing the pre-calculated gene clusters and their potential correlation network in heart. In the current release of HCNet, 57 functional modules from 786 target genes obtained by a bi-clustering analysis of 381 microarray datasets are available. Detailed information of the clusters such as expression profiles, network diagrams is provided in two categories, heart-specific genes and heart-specific genes along with calcium toolkit genes. Overrepresented gene ontological categories and transcription factors in each cluster are also provided to infer the biological implications of the detected functional modules.
Oxford Univ Press
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