Exploration of essential structure of malloapelta B for the inhibitory activity against TNF induced NF-κB activation

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Exploration of essential structure of malloapelta B for the inhibitory activity against TNF induced NF-κB activation
C V Luu; M V Chau; Jung Joon Lee; S H Jung
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Archives of Pharmacal Research, vol. 29, no. 10, pp. 840-844
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For the exploration of pharmacophoric moiety of malloapelta B (1) possessing the inhibitory activity of NF-κB activation, structural variation of α,β-unsaturated carbonyl motif was attempted. 1 was reduced by catalytic hydrogenation, sodium borohydride, and lithium aluminumhydride. Catalytic hydrogenation with 30 psi or 15 psi of H2 gas of 1 generated 8-butyl-5,7-dimethoxy-2,2-dimethylchroman (2) and 1-(5,7-dimethoxy-2,2-dimethylchroman-8-yl)butan-1-one (3), respectively. Reduction with sodium borohydride occurred at the double bond of α,β-unsaturated ketone of 1 to give 1-(5,7-dimethoxy-2,2-dimethyl-2H- chromen-8-yl)butan-1-one (4). Reduction of 1 with lithium aluminumhydride and then quenched with methanol and water produced unexpected products, 1-(5,7-dimethoxy-2,2-dimethyl-2H-chromen-8-yl)-3-methoxy-1-butene (5) and 1-(5,7-dimethoxy-2,2-dimethyl-2H-chromen-8-yl)-3-hydroxy-1-butene (6). These are formed from the isomerization of initial product 9 through the continuous conjugate carbocation intermediate 11. Addition of ethylmagnesium bromide and dimethyl malonate anion to 1 gave the conjugate adducts 7 and 8. Ethylmagesium bromide and sodium borohydride reduction unusually gave the conjugate addition due to steric congestion around carbonyl group of 1. Compound 2 exhibits the reduced inhibitory activity against NF-κB activation and the others do not show the activity. Therefore α,β-unsaturated carbonyl group of 1 should be important for its inhibitory activity.
Essential structure of malloapelta BNF-κB activation
Pharmaceutical Soc Korea
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