Oral immunogenicity of potato-derived HBsAg middle protein in BALB/c mice

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Oral immunogenicity of potato-derived HBsAg middle protein in BALB/c mice
Jung-Won Youm; Young Suk WonJae Heung Jeon; C J Ryu; Yang Kyu Choi; Hyoung-Chin Kim; B D Kim; Hyouk Joung; Hyun Soon Kim
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Vaccine, vol. 253, no. 3, pp. 577-584
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The antibodies to preS2 synthetic peptides have been probed to neutralize hepatitis B virus (HBV), and also the addition of preS2 sequence could enhance the antibody response compared with a conventional vaccine in the non- and low responders. Previously, we generated transgenic potatoes expressing middle protein, which contains additional 55 amino acid preS2 region at the N-terminus of the S protein, of HBV to determine the feasibility of developing a plant-delivered HBV vaccine. In this study, we monitored the immune response after induction of immunoglobulin by boosting and assessed the efficacy of the mucosal immune response with regard to generate IgA antibodies. The HBsAg middle protein expressed in our transgenic potatoes was well immunized at low antigenic quantities in mice and the induced anti-S or anti-preS2 antibodies were sustained for the whole period without decrease. Orally delivery of plant-derived HBsAg middle protein to mice resulted in fecal anti-S or anti-preS2 as well as serum IgG. In addition, we used antibodies induced from the immunized mice with the potato-derived rHBsAg in competition assay as competitors to confirm the binding ability of preS2 antibodies to surface antigen of hepatitis virus. Anti-preS2 antibodies induced from immunized mice with transgenic potatoes effectively competed with anti-preS2 murine antibody H8 as expected. From these results, the inclusion of preS2 antigen to HBV plant vaccine may provide additional protective immunity in the HBV prevention.
HBVOral immunizationPlant-derived vaccinePreS2 + S regions
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