Nanobiotechnology, today and tomorrow = 나노바이오공학의 오늘과 내일

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Nanobiotechnology, today and tomorrow = 나노바이오공학의 오늘과 내일
Chang-Soo Lee; Hyun Kyu Park; Moonil Kim
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Journal of Plant Biotechnology, vol. 33, no. 3, pp. 223-231
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Nanobiotechnology, the interdisciplinary area at the crossroad of biotechnology and nanoscience, combines contributions from molecular and cell biology, chemisty, material science, and physics in an attempt to understand the behavior of nanobiomaterials, their development and applications. At present, nanobiotechnology is believed to hold great promise for improving health and prolonging life, faciliating biomarker discovery, molecular diagnostics, discovery of novel drugs and drug delivery, which are important basic components of biomedical science. In the recent trend of nanobiotechnology, this review is intended to provide a better understanding of nanobiotechnology in its applications and perspectives, separating this integration technology into three parts such as nanobiochip/sensor, nanobiomaterials, and nanobioanalysis in order to hopefully gain insights into why size matters, how nano-materials and -devices can be engineered.
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