RepWeb: a web-based search tool for repeat-related literatures

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RepWeb: a web-based search tool for repeat-related literatures
Taeha Woo; Y U Kim; Je Keun Kwon; Jung Min Seo
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Genomics & Informatics, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 88-91
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Repetitive sequences such as SINE, LINE, and LTR elements form a major part of eukaryotic genomes. A literature search tool that summarizes the information contained within repeat elements would provide biologists in the field of genomics with a useful tool for analyzing genomic sequence features. We developed a java program designed to make literature access easier by using two search engines simultaneously. RepWeb is a web-based search system that provides a user friendly interface for searching the reference data and journals for information related to repeat elements by using the search engines, Google Scholar and PubMed, simultaneously. It provides an interface that displays the repeat element- related biological information, and includes useful functions such as the production of a repeat tree, clickable links to PubMed and Google Scholar, exporting, and sorting a field into date, author, journal and title.
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