GAzer: gene set analyzer = GAzer: 유전자군 분석도구

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GAzer: gene set analyzer = GAzer: 유전자군 분석도구
Sang-Bae Kim; S Yang; Seon-Kyu Kim; S C Kim; H G Woo; D J Volsky; Seon-Young KimIn-Sun Chu
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Bioinformatics, vol. 23, no. 13, pp. 1697-1699
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Gene Set Analyzer (GAzer) is a web-based integrated gene set analysis tool covering previously reported parametric and non-parametric models. Based on a simulation test for the reported algorithms, we classified and implemented three main statistical methods consisting of the z-statistic, gene permutation and sample permutation for ten gene set categories including Gene Ontology (GO) for human, mouse, rat and yeast. This tool identifies significantly altered gene sets scored by z-statistics and P-values from the z-test or permutation test and provides q-values and Bonferroni P-values to correct multiple hypothesis testing. GAzer allows users to observe changes in expression of each gene in a gene set or to see the significance of the gene sets containing a gene(s) of interest, thus allowing interactive data analysis both at the gene and gene set level. Moreover, GAzer offers extensive annotation for each gene.
Oxford Univ Press
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