Diverse functions of VDUP1 in cell proliferation, differentiation, and diseases

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Diverse functions of VDUP1 in cell proliferation, differentiation, and diseases
S Y Kim; H W Suh; Jin Woong Chung; Suk Ran Yoon; In Pyo Choi
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Cellular & Molecular Immunology, vol. 4, no. 5, pp. 345-351
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Vitamin D3 up-regulated protein 1 (VDUP1) is a multifunctional protein involved in maintaining cellular homeostasis. VDUP1 is induced by a variety of stresses. Inversely, VDUP1 is often reduced in various tumor tissues and cell lines. Over-expression of VDUP1 inhibits cell proliferation through cell cycle arrest. VDUP1 interacts with thioredoxin (Trx) and negatively regulates the expression and antioxidant function of Trx which is involved in redox regulation. VDUP1-/- mice are more susceptible to carcinogenesis than wild-type mice and are defective in establishing immune system including the development and function of natural killer cells. Furthermore, VDUP1-/- mice show impaired Kreb cycle-mediated fatty acid utilization. In this review, we have discussed the multifunctional roles of VDUP1 in diverse cellular responses, in particular its relation to proliferation, apoptosis, differentiation, and diseases such as cancer and stress-related diseases.
cell differentiationcell proliferationnatural killer cellkiller cells, naturalmetabolic diseases
Chin Society Immunology
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