Survey on current status of out-of-the way laboratory animal resources for establishing national policy

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Survey on current status of out-of-the way laboratory animal resources for establishing national policy
C K Kim; D Y Hwang; B G Kim; S W Jee; Y K Kim; S B Shim; S H Lee; J S Sin; C J Bae; B C Lee; J H Park; S H Lee; J S Cho; Hyoung-Chin Kim; B C Kang; K R Chae
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Laboratory Animal Research, vol. 23, no. 3, pp. 211-222
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It has been required to manage the laboratory animals with systemic and scientific manner and to develop the animal models for human diseases, according to the development of new drugs based on the research of gene function and irredeemable diseases activated by National Dynamic Project of 21th Century on Life and Health. It is also necessary to accredit with high quality of laboratory animals for evaluating the safety and validity of foods and drugs, which are directly connected to human health. The aim of this study was to search current status on genetically engineered animals in order to enhance the scientific trusts of these animals to advanced level, and thus providing the book guiding us how to manage and breed the genetically engineered animals. To accomplish this, 107 researchers were selected to ask for current status of genetic engineered animals to 35 questions including the area of management, patent, and lawregulation. We concluded that (i) there are the total of 146 genetically engineered animals and the total of 29 patents in the country, (ii) the 64 different embryos from mouse, pig, dog, and wolf are stocked, and (iii) it is being prepared to publish a guide book on the basis of these results. Thus, these results raised a possibility that guide book provides a good opportunity to experts acting in the field of evaluating toxicants and of testing drugs as a guideline. It is also possible to use as fundamental materials to establish national policy on the laboratory and genetic engineered animals, and to generate Laboratory Animal Law, which is being review by members of National Assembly.
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