Monitoring of imported genetically modified crops in the cultivated fields in Korea = 국내 경작지에서의 수입 유전자변형작물 모니터링

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Monitoring of imported genetically modified crops in the cultivated fields in Korea = 국내 경작지에서의 수입 유전자변형작물 모니터링
Kee Woong Park; Chang-Gi Kim; BumKyu Lee; Do Young Kim; Ji Young Park; Dae In Kim; M C Kwon; Hoonbok Yi; Hwan Mook Kim
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Korean Journal of Weed Science, vol. 27, no. 4, pp. 318-324
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The cultivation area of genetically modified (GM) crops is increasing all over the world. Though the area currently cultivated for GM crops in Korea is zero, GM crop imports into the country for food and forage purposes are continuously increasing. This may encourage unintentional entrance of GM crops to the cultivated area. This study was conducted to investigate whether imported GM soybean, maize, and oilseed rape are unintentionally released for cultivation into cultivated fields in Korea. Monitoring was conducted in seven provinces and 31 sites in Korea from March to September 2007. A total 237 plants of soybean, 154 plants of maize, and 2080 plants of oilseed rape were tested to find out the presence of GM crop. To detect GM soybean and maize, multiplex PCR was conducted using 35S promoter and nos terminator specific primers included in GM crops. The detection of glyphosate resistant GM oilseed rape was done using a lateral flow strip test kit. Based on the PCR analysis none of the surveyed soybean and maize was GM. Lateral flow analysis also showed no GM oilseed rape in the surveyed area. Based on the results of GM crop monitoring conducted from 2003 to 2007, no GM crops were found in the cultivated fields in Korea. However, continuous monitoring should be conducted to prevent the unintentional release of GM crops in the future.
environmental riskmonitoringmultiplex PCRlateral flow strip testgenetically modified organism
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