Effects of a polyacetylene from Panax ginseng on Na+ currents in rat dorsal root ganglion neurons

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Effects of a polyacetylene from Panax ginseng on Na+ currents in rat dorsal root ganglion neurons
S J Choi; T H Kim; Y K Shin; C S Lee; M Park; Hyun Sun Lee; J H Song
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Brain Research, vol. 1191, no. C, pp. 75-83
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The root of ginseng (Panax ginseng) has been used as a traditional medicine in the far east countries since ancient times. Ginseng extracts produce analgesia among other various biologically beneficial effects. A polyacetylenic compound, (9R,10S)-epoxyheptadecan-4,6-diyn-3-one (EHD), has been isolated from ginseng extract, whose biological activity is largely unknown. Voltage-gated Na+ channels in primary sensory neurons play important roles in pain perception. We investigated the effects of EHD on tetrodotoxin-sensitive (TTX-S) and tetrodotoxin-resistant (TTX-R) Na+ currents in acutely dissociated rat dorsal root ganglion neurons. EHD inhibited both Na+ currents in a concentration-dependent manner with an equal potency (Kd values were both 14.3 μM). The activation voltage was not affected by EHD in either type of Na+ current. However, EHD accelerated the inactivation of both Na+ currents and produced a hyperpolarizing shift of the steady-state inactivation curve. In addition EHD suppressed the maximal Na+ current at negative holding potentials at which the channels are relieved from inactivation. Thus EHD appears to bind both resting and inactivated channels. The recovery from inactivation of both Na+ currents was also slowed by EHD. EHD inhibition of TTX-S Na+ current but not TTX-R Na+ current was frequency-dependent. This is the first report that a polyacetylene from ginseng inhibits Na+ currents in primary sensory neurons. EHD by inhibiting Na+ currents may contribute to the ginseng analgesia.
Dorsal root ganglionNa+ currentPanax ginsengPolyacetyleneTetrodotoxin-resistantTetrodotoxin-sensitive
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