Effect of cultivars and cooking methods on the trypsin inhibitor activities of potatoes

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Effect of cultivars and cooking methods on the trypsin inhibitor activities of potatoes
M Y Kim; C W Son; H J Shim; J H Lee; K J Lee; D E Sok; Hyoung-Chin KimWoon Kee Yoon; Hwan Mook Kim; M R Kim
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Food Science and Biotechnology, vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 161-165
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The trypsin inhibitor activities (TIA) of various potato cultivars were evaluated by measuring the inhibition of trypsin inhibitor activity using N-benzoyl-DL-arginine-p-nitroanilide (BAPNA) as substrate. The TIA values of 5 potato cultivars (1.99 to 2.88 mg/g) were significantly different among cultivars (p<0.05). When the TIA values of commercially processed potatoes were determined, no TIA was detected. During cooking, the IT50 (time required to reach 50% inhibition of TIA) values were decreased as heating temperature and time increased. The IT50 of moist heating was estimated to be 0.34 min at 100°C, whereas for deep-fat frying the IT 50 was 0.13 min at 180°C and 5.28 min for oven baking at 100°C. The IT50 value of microwave cooking was 0.194 min at medium heat, and which was similar to that of pressure cooking at 120°C (0.185 min). Moreover, there was a negative relationship between temperature (≥80°C) and IT50 values (R2=0.99, p<0.01). The TIA of potato was completely inactivated by moist heating at 100°C within 5 min, whereas the pressure cooking at 120°C and deep-fat frying at 180°C within 60 and 30 sec, respectively. Based on our results, deep-fat frying is the most effective cooking method to reduce TIA in potatoes.
cookingcultivarpotatotrypsin inhibitor activity
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