Chromosome numbers and karyotype analyses for 33 taxa of medicinal plants in Korea = 한국 약용식물 33분류군의 염색체수와 핵형분석

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Chromosome numbers and karyotype analyses for 33 taxa of medicinal plants in Korea = 한국 약용식물 33분류군의 염색체수와 핵형분석
Soo-Young Kim; C S Kim; Geon Rae Kim; Jin-Ki Kim; Sang Hong Park; T S Jang; Won Kyu Lee; Joongku Lee
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Korean Journal of Medicinal Crop Science, vol. 16, no. 3, pp. 161-167
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Glucose deprivation, a pathophysiological cell condition, causes up-regulation of GRP78 and induction of etoposide resistance in human cancer cells. The induction of drug resistance can be partly explained by the fact that GRP78 can block activation of caspase-7 induced by treatment with etoposide. Therefore, downregulating GRP78 expression may be a novel strategy anticancer drug development. Based on that premise, we established a screening program for anticancer agents that exhibit preferential cytotoxic activity for etoposide-resistant cancer cells under glucose-deprived conditions.Werecently isolated an active compound, AR-054, from the culture broth of Streptomyces sp., which prevents stress-induced etoposide resistance in vitro. AR-054 was identified as piericidin A, a prototypical compound, by ESI-MS analysis and various NMRspectroscopic methods. Here, we showed that piericidin A suppressed the accumulation of GRP78 protein and was also highly toxic to etoposide-resistant HT-29 cells, with IC50 values for colony formation of 6.4 and 7.7 nM under 2-deoxyglucose supplemented and glucose-deprived conditions, respectively. Interestingly, piericidin A had no effect under normal growth conditions. Therefore, we suggest that piericidin A prevents up-regulation of GRP78, and exhibits cytotoxicity in glucose-deprived HT-29 cells that are resistant to etoposide.
Chromosome numberKaryotype analysesMedicinal Herb
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