An ISFET biosensor for the monitoring of maltose-induced conformational changes in MBP

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An ISFET biosensor for the monitoring of maltose-induced conformational changes in MBP
Hae Jeong Park; Sang Gyu Kim; Kyoungsook Park; H K Lyu; Chang-Soo Lee; Sang Jeon Chung; W S Yun; Moonil Kim; Bong Hyun Chung
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FEBS Letters, vol. 583, no. 1, pp. 157-162
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Here we describe an ion sensitive field effect transistor (ISFET) biosensor, which was designed to monitor directly the surface charge of structurally altered maltose binding protein (MBP) upon stimulation with maltose. This study is the first report of the application of a FET biosensor to the monitoring of conformationally changed proteins. Consequently, a significant drop in current on the basis of the charge-dependent capacitance measurement has been clearly observed in response to maltose, but not for the glucose control, thereby indicating that the substrate-specific conformational properties of the target protein could be successfully monitored using the ISFET. Collectively, our results clearly suggest that ISFET provide a high fidelity system for the detection of maltose-induced structural alterations in MBP.
BiosensorConformational changeISFETMBPSurface charge
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