A two-component regulatory system involved in clavulanic acid production

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A two-component regulatory system involved in clavulanic acid production
H N Jnawali; T J Oh; K Liou; Byoung Chul Park; J K Sohng
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Journal of Antibiotics, vol. 61, no. 11, pp. 651-659
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A pair of genes encoding the bacterial two-component regulatory system, orf22 and orf23, was found next to the clavulanic acid gene cluster of Streptomyces clavuligerus NRRL3585. Orf23 was deleted for the construction of S. clavuligerus I δorf2 3. Although growth and morphological analyses showed no differences between S. clavuligerus/δorf23 and wild-type, the production of clavulanic acid in S. clavuligerus / δorf23 was found to be decreased. In addition, the co-overexpression of orf22/orf23 in wild-type resulted in an enhanced 1.49-fold production of clavulanic acid, and the complementation of orf22/orf23 in S. clavuligerus / δorf23 restored clavulanic acid production about 80% as normal levels. These results demonstrate that the orf22/orf23 two-component regulatory system participates as a positive regulator of the biosynthesis of clavulanic acid and increased levels of orf22/orf23 can contribute to enhanced production of clavulanic acid in S. clavuligerus. ⓒ Japan Antibiotics Research Association.
Clavulanic acidHistidine kinaseResponse regulatorStreptomyces clavuligerusTwo-component regulatory systemβ-lactam antibiotics
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