Proteomic analysis of porcine pancreas development

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Proteomic analysis of porcine pancreas development
J S Choi; Y K Cho; S H Yoon; S O Kwon; D B Koo; Kweon Yu
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BMB Reports, vol. 42, no. 10, pp. 661-666
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Porcine pancreas development is not well studied at the molecular level despite being a therapeutic resource for diabetic patients. In this study, we investigated expression of lineage markers and performed proteomic analysis. Expression of the early lineage markers Pdx1 and Ptf1a was developmentally conserved between mice and pigs, whereas expression of the islet differentiation marker Pax4 was delayed in porcine compared with murine pancreas development. Proteomic analysis found that expression levels of chymotrypsinogen were downregulated during porcine pancreas development while those of digestive enzymes like lipases, elastase and serine protease were up-regulated. In addition, specific isoforms of protein folding assistants such as protein disulfide isomerase and prefoldin were expressed at specific stages during the maturation of digestive enzymes. Taken together, these results show that development of the porcine pancreas is regulated by a concerted interplay of pancreas lineage marker proteins and other specified proteins, resulting in a functional endocrine and exocrine organ.
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