Knocking-in of the human thrombopoietin gene on beta-casein locus in bovine fibroblasts

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Knocking-in of the human thrombopoietin gene on beta-casein locus in bovine fibroblasts
M Chang; Jeong Woong Lee; D B Koo; S T Shin; Y M Han
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Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences, vol. 23, no. 6, pp. 806-813
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Animal bioreactors have been regarded as alternative tools for the production of limited human therapeutic proteins. The mammary glands of cattle are optimal tissues to produce therapeutic proteins that cannot be produced in large amounts in traditional systems based on microorganisms and eukaryotic cells. In this study, two knock-in vectors, pBCTPOKI-6 and pBCTPOKI-10, which target the hTPO gene on the bovine beta-casein locus, were designed to develop cloned transgenic cattle. The pBCTPOKI-6 and pBCTPOKI-10 vectors expressed hTPO protein in culture medium at a concentration of 774 pg/ml and 1,867 pg/ml, respectively. Successfully, two targeted ceil clones were obtained from the bovine fibroblasts transfected with the pBCTPOKI-6 vector. Cloned embryos reconstructed with the targeted nuclei showed a lower in vitro developmental competence than those with the wild-type nuclei. After transfer of the cloned embryos into recipients, 7 pregnancies were detected at 40 to 60 days of gestation, but failed to develop to term. The results are the first trial for targeting of a human gene on the bovine milk protein gene locus, providing the potential for a large-scale production of therapeutic proteins in the animal bioreactor system.
Animal bioreactorBovine beta-casein geneBovine fibroblastsHuman thrombopoietin (htpo) geneKnock-inSomatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT)
Asian-Australasian Assoc Animal Production Soc
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