StrokePortal: a complete stroke information resource based on oriental and western medicine

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StrokePortal: a complete stroke information resource based on oriental and western medicine
Jin Ho Kim; Y U Kim; O S Bang; M H Cha; Young-Kyu Park; Sun Young Lee; Young Joo Kim
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Interdisciplinary Bio Central, vol. 2, pp. 7-7
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Stroke, also called an attack on the brain, is a complex disease that results from the interaction of many genetic and environmental factors. StrokePortal is a comprehensive resource for information on stroke that integrates and provides essential findings regarding stroke pathology, diagnostics, and treatments, based on Oriental and Western medicine. The stroke information was collected from various sources, such as journal articles, books, websites, and news stories, and it was refined, classified, and stored into a relational database system by automatic classification and manual curation. To provide the stored information effectively to users, a specialized retrieval system, based on web interfaces, was implemented. StrokePortal provides cutting-edge information to experts; interested people, including patients and their families; and investigators to broaden their knowledge of effective treatments for patients and offer many preventive measures. It provides a specialized feature with which users can upload their information and opinions to StrokePortal, which will enrich and mature the content even further. StrokePortal is freely accessible at
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