Prospects and application of 3D-imaging technology = 3차원 이미징 미래기술 전망 및 응용 분야

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Prospects and application of 3D-imaging technology = 3차원 이미징 미래기술 전망 및 응용 분야
J G Baek; J S Choi; S J Koh; Y S Ho; W S Jang; C S Lee; J H Lee; Seung Goo Lee; Ha Jea Seok
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Korea Society Broadcast Engineers Magazine, vol. 15, no. 2, pp. 101-110
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One of the fields to which the 3D printing technology can be applied is the field of medicine. Recently, the application of 3D printing technology to the bio-medical field has been gradually increasing with the commercializing of the bio-compatible or bio-degradable materials. The technology is currently contributing to the biomedical field by reducing times required for operations or minimizing adverse effects through preoperative identification of post-surgical consequences or model surgery with artificial bones and organs. This technology also enables the production of customized biomedical auxiliary products like hearing aids or artificial legs etc. For the field of dentistry, the 3D printing technology is also expected to elevate the level of dental treatment by making the customized orthodontic models, crown, bridge, inlay, and surgical guides for implant and surgery. However, issues remaining unidentified or incomplete in printing materials, modeling technology, software technology associated with CAD, verification of bio-stability and bio-effectiveness of materials or in compatibility and standardization of the technology are yet to be solved or be clarified for the full-scale application of the 3D printing technology, thus, it seems such issues should be resolved through further studies.
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