Photocurable silsesquioxane-based formulations as versatile resins for nanoimprint lithography

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Photocurable silsesquioxane-based formulations as versatile resins for nanoimprint lithography
Bong Kuk Lee; N G Cha; L Y Hong; D P Kim; H Tanaka; H Y Lee; T Kawai
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Langmuir, vol. 26, no. 18, pp. 14915-14922
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Methacrylate octafunctionalized silsesquioxane (SSQMA) was shown to be an ideal material with high performance for ultraviolet (UV)-based nanoimprint lithography (NIL). The total viscosity of SSQMA-based formulations was adjusted to between 0.8 and 50 cP by incorporating low-viscosity acrylic additives, making the formulations suitable for UV-based NIL. The cured SSQMA-based formulations showed numerous desirable characteristics, including low volumetric shrinkage (4%), high Youngs modulus (2.445-4.272 GPa), high resistance to oxygen plasma, high transparency to UV light, and high resistance to organic/aqueous media, as a functional imprint material for UV-based NIL and step-and-flash imprint lithography (SFIL). Using both techniques, the SSQMA-based formulations were easily transferred to relief structures with excellent imprint fidelity and minimal residual thickness. Formulations containing 50% SSQMA (wt %) were able to reproduce high-aspect-ratio nanostructures with aspect ratios as high as 4.5 using bilayer SFIL. Transparent rigiflex molds and hard replica molds with sub-50-nm size features were reproducibly duplicated by using UV-NIL with the SSQMA-based resin. Nanostructures with feature sizes down to 50 nm were successfully reproduced using these molds in both UV-and thermal-NIL processes. After repeating 20 imprinting cycles at relatively high temperature and pressure, no detectable collapse or contamination on the replica surface was observed. These properties of the SSQMA-based resins make them suitable as inexpensive and convenient components in all NIL processes that are based on physical contact.
Amer Chem Soc
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