Gerontome : a web-based database server for aging-related genes and analysis pipelines

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Gerontome : a web-based database server for aging-related genes and analysis pipelines
Jekeun Kwon; Byungwook Lee; H Chung
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BMC Genomics, vol. 11, no. S4, pp. S20-S20
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Background: Aging is a complex and challenging phenomenon that requires interdisciplinary efforts to unravel its mystery. Insight into genes relevant to the aging process would offer the chance to delay and avoid some of deteriorative aspects of aging through the use of preventive methods. To assist basic research on aging, a comprehensive database and analysis platform for aging-related genes is required.Results: We developed a web-based database server, called Gerontome that contains aging-related gene information and user-friendly analysis pipelines. To construct the Gerontome database, we integrated aging-related genes and their annotation data. The aging-related genes were categorized by a set of structural terms from Gene Ontology (GO). Analysis pipelines for promoter analysis and protein-ligand docking were developed. The promoter analysis pipeline allows users to investigate the age-dependent regulation of gene expression. The protein-ligand docking pipeline provides information on the position and orientation of a ligand in an age-related protein surface.Conclusion: Gerontome can be accessed through web interfaces for querying and browsing. The server provides comprehensive age-related gene information and analysis pipelines. Gerontome is available free at
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