Enhancement of osteoblast biocompatibility on titanium surface with Terrein treatment

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Enhancement of osteoblast biocompatibility on titanium surface with Terrein treatment
Y H Lee; N H Lee; G Bhattarai; Y T Oh; M K Yu; Ick Dong Yoo; E C Jhee; H K Yi
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Cell Biochemistry and Function, vol. 28, no. 8, pp. 678-685
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Titanium is biocompatible with bodily tissues. However, the formation of ROS on the titanium surfaces might have negative response of the activity of the surroundings cells. Terrein was isolated from Penicullium sp. 20135 and found to reduce the effects of LPS-induced inflammation. This study examined the role of Terrein on the biocompatibility of titanium to determine if it can help improve osseointegration. MC-3T3 E1 cells were grown on titanium surfaces. The biocompatibility of Terrein was examined by adding it directly to the culture media at the indicated concentration. The cells on the titanium surface produced excessive ROS and decreased the activity of Cu/Zn SOD and Mn SOD. Moreover, the cells had higher activity towards oxidative stress molecules, such as MAPK, FAK and iNOS expression. In addition, MC-3T3 E1 osteoblast-like cells promoted osteoclast differentiation but reduced osteoblast differentiation and mineralization on the titanium surface. Interestingly, the cells given the Terrein treatment showed higher resistance towards oxidative stress through the up-regulation of ERK1/2 and FAK activity but the down-regulation of SAPK/JNK and iNOS activity. Moreover, Terrein promoted osteoblast differentiation and bone mineralization to elevate the activity of ALP, SPARC and down-regulate RANKL expression after blocking NF-κB translocation from the cytosol to the nucleus. In conclusion, the presence of Terrein on titanium surfaces increases osteoblast cell growth without inflammation. Moreover, Terrein, as a putative antioxidant agent, may enhance osseointegration by decreasing the level of ROS and having a potentially synergistic effect on osteoblast differentiation.
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