Rapid exploration of the folding topology of helical membrane proteins using paramagnetic perturbation

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Rapid exploration of the folding topology of helical membrane proteins using paramagnetic perturbation
K J Yeo; H Y Kim; Y P Kim; E Hwang; Myung Hee Kim; C Cheong; S Choe; Y H Jeon
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Protein Science, vol. 19, no. 12, pp. 2409-2417
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An understanding of the folding states of α-helical membrane proteins in detergent systems is important for functional and structural studies of these proteins. Here, we present a rapid and simple method for identification of the folding topology and assembly of transmembrane helices using paramagnetic perturbation in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. By monitoring the perturbation of signals from glycine residues located at specific sites, the folding topology and the assembly of transmembrane helices of membrane proteins were easily identified without time-consuming backbone assignment. This method is validated with Mistic (membrane-integrating sequence for translation of integral membrane protein constructs) of known structure as a reference protein. The folding topologies of two bacterial histidine kinase membrane proteins (SCO3062 and YbdK) were investigated by this method in dodecyl phosphocholine (DPC) micelles. Combing with analytical ultracentrifugation, we identified that the transmembrane domain of YbdK is present as a parallel dimer in DPC micelle. In contrast, the interaction of transmembrane domain of SCO3062 is not maintained in DPC micelle due to disruption of native structure of the periplasmic domain by DPC micelle.
Folding topologyHelical membrane proteinHistidine kinaseNMR spectroscopyParamagnetic relaxation enhancement
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