Bioinformatics resources of the Korean Bioinformation Center (KOBIC)

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Bioinformatics resources of the Korean Bioinformation Center (KOBIC)
ByungUk LeeIn-Sun Chu; Namshin Kim; Jin Hyuk LeeSeon-Young Kim; W K Kim; Sanghyuk Lee
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Genomics & Informatics, vol. 8, no. 4, pp. 165-169
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The Korean Bioinformation Center (KOBIC) is a national bioinformatics research center in Korea. We developed many bioinformatics algorithms and applications to facilitate the biological interpretation of OMICS data. Here we present an introduction to major bioinformatics resources of databases and tools developed at KOBIC. These resources are classified into three main fields: genome, proteome, and literature. In the genomic resources, we constructed several pipelines for next generation sequencing (NGS) data processing and developed analysis algorithms and web-based database servers including miRGator, ESTpass, and CleanEST. We also built integrated databases and servers for microarray expression data such as MDCDP. As for the proteome data, VnD database, WDAC, Localizome, and CHARMM_HM web servers are available for various purposes. We constructed IntoPub server and Patome database in the literature field. We continue constructing and maintaining the bioinformatics infrastructure and developing algorithms.
bioinformatics programsdatabasesweb serverKOBIC
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