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3 2021


Molecular characteristics of IS1216 carrying multidrug resistance gene cluster in serotype III/sequence type 19 group B StreptococcusmSphere, vol. 6, no. 4, pp. e00543-21-e00543-21Y Zhi; H J Ji; J H Jung; E B Byun; Woo Sik Kim; S M Lin; S Lim; A Y Jang; M J Choi; K B Ahn, et al.
2 2021


Protective effect of polysaccharides extracted from Cudrania tricuspidata fruit against cisplatin-induced cytotoxicity in macrophages and a mouse modelInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol. 22, no. 14, pp. 7512-7512E B Byun; H Y Song; Woo Sik Kim; J M Han; H S Seo; S H Park; K Kim; E H Byun
1 2021

2021Research Project

고부가가치 기능성 바이오소재 개발 및 사업화 = Development and commercialization of high value added health biomaterials연구책임자 : 류영배 / 사업기간 : 2021.01.01 ~ 2021.12.31
Research Project
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