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5 2002


Comamonas koreensis sp. nov., a non-motile species from wetland in Woopo, KoreaInternational Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, vol. 52, no. 2, pp. 377-381Young Hyo Chang; Jang Il Han; Jong Sik Chun; Keun Chul Lee; Moon Soo Rhee; Young Bae Kim; Kyung Sook Bae
4 2001


Arthrobacter siderocapsulatus Dubinina and Zhdanov 1975AL is a later subjective synonym of Pseudomonas putida (Trevisan 1889) Migula 1895ALInternational Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, vol. 51, no. 1, pp. 169-170Jong Sik Chun; Moon Soo Rhee; Jang Il Han; Kyung Sook Bae
3 2000


Isolation and identification of Klebsiella oxytoca C302 and Its degradation of aromatic hydrocarbons = Klebsiella oxytoca C302의 분리 동정 및 방향족 탄화수소물질의 분해특성Korean Journal of Microbiology, vol. 36, no. 1, pp. 58-63Ki Pil Kim; Jeong Soon Lee; Song I Park; Moon Soo Rhee; Kyung Sook Bae; Chi Kyung Kim
2 1996


Production of petroselinic acid from cell suspension cultures of Coriandrum sativumPhytochemistry, vol. 42, no. 6, pp. 1581-1582Suk Weon Kim; Mi-Kyung Park; Kyung Sook Bae; Moon Soo Rhee; Jang Ryol Liu
1 1994


Isolation and characterization of a Benzene-degrading strain, Flavobacterium sp. BEN2 = Benzene 분해균주 Flavobacterium sp. BEN2의 분리 및 특성Korean Journal of Microbiology, vol. 32, no. 5, pp. 323-328Chang Ho Lee; Hee-Mock Oh; T J Kwon; Hyun Hyo Suh; Gi Seok Kwon; Kyung Sook Bae; Moon Soo Rhee; Byung Dae Yoon
1 2 3 4