Development of transgenic cucumbers expressing Arabidopsis Nit gene = 애기장대 Nit유전자 발현 오이 형질전화체 개발

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Development of transgenic cucumbers expressing Arabidopsis Nit gene = 애기장대 Nit유전자 발현 오이 형질전화체 개발
Hyun A Jang; K M Lim; Hyun A Kim; Y I Park; Suk Yoon Kwon; P S Choi
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Journal of Plant Biotechnology, vol. 40, no. 4, pp. 198-202
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To produce transgenic cucumber expressing Nit gene coffering abiotic resistance, the cotyledonary-node explants of cucumber (cv. Eunsung) were inoculated with A. tumefaciens transformed with pPZP211 or pCAMBIA2300 carrying Nit gene, that has cis-acting element involved in resistance to various abiotic environmental stresses. After co-cultivation, the procedures of selection, shoot initiation, shoot elongation, and plant regeneration were followed by cotyledonary-node transformation method (CTM, Jang et al. 2011). The putative transgenic plants were selected when shoots were grown to a length greater than 3 cm from the cotyledonary-node explants on selection medium supplemented with 100 mg/L paromomycin as a selectable agent. The confirmation of transgenic cucumber was based on the genomic PCR, Southern blot analysis, RT-PCR, and Northern blot analysis. A 105 shoots (4.12%) selected from the selection mediums were obtained from 2,547 explants inoculated. Of them, putative transgenic plants were only confirmed with 45 plants (1.77%) by genomic PCR analysis. Transgenic plants showed that the Nit genes integrated into each genome of 39 plants (1.53%) by Southern blot analysis, and the expression of gene integrated into cucumber genome was only confirmed at 6 plants (0.24%) by RT-PCR and Northern blot analysis. These results lead us to speculate that the genes were successfully integrated and expressed in each genome of transgenic cucumber.
Abiotic geneNit geneTransgenic cucumberAgrobacterium
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