A TRIZ-based solution to problems in red ginseng processing = 트리즈를 활용한 홍삼 제조과정에서의 문제해결

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A TRIZ-based solution to problems in red ginseng processing = 트리즈를 활용한 홍삼 제조과정에서의 문제해결
Eun Jung Kim; Moo Woong Kim; Min Jung Kim; J S Kam; K I Kim; S M Jang; H Y Lee; Byung Hwan Hyun
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Journal of Korea Technology Innovation Society, vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 408-423
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As the word ‘creation and innovation’ has been the keyword in success, there has been an increasing interest in TRIZ (Theory of inventive problem solving). So far, TRIZ has been applied to electronics and mechanics as the prime mover of product innovation. This study is to explore the applicability of TRIZ to the biotechnology sector, a future emerging technologies, especially to problem solving and innovative research and development. This study was focused on red ginseng processing. Problem causes and contradictions were identified with regard to processing-related problems, and ‘the 40 principles of invention’ were applied to problem solving. Steamed fresh ginseng is called ‘Red ginseng’. Cracks in red ginseng cause the loss of active ingredients and also are not of merchantable quality. In the 40 principles of invention, applicable ones were finally selected through contradiction matrix and brainstorming, the tools of TRIZ. With experiments, effective methods were suggested to prevent red ginseng from cracking in a steaming process.
TRIZ40 principles of inventionRed ginsengSteaming processPrevent to cracking
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