Consecutive user satisfaction surveys for a cyber-infrastructure

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Consecutive user satisfaction surveys for a cyber-infrastructure
Sung Yun Yu; J Kim; H J Yoon; J Park
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International Journal of Software Engineering and Its Applications, vol. 9, no. 12, pp. 187-196
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The customer satisfaction usually depends on quality of a product or a service. The results of customer satisfaction survey are utilizable for quality control or quality improvement. Especially, those survey results can be used as a guideline for evaluating and improving the quality. A cyber-infrastructure named as CyberLab was developed and has been introduced for the purpose of education and research in Korea. The main purpose of this cyber-infrastructure is supporting the bidirectional education and remote collaboration environment in research. To improve the quality of the system, user satisfaction surveys had been conducted three times for three consecutive years. This research identifies the customer preferences or annual changing pattern of quality, based on several conclusions drawn by analyzing the survey results. Comparison results regarding various quality-attributes in terms of time and customer group will be provided. Furthermore, several implications from the analyses including cause and effect analysis will be stated.
Customer satisfaction surveyCyber-infrastructureQuality measurement
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