Construction of a minimal genome as a chassis for synthetic biology = 합성생물학을 위한 뼈대로써 최소 유전체 제작

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Construction of a minimal genome as a chassis for synthetic biology = 합성생물학을 위한 뼈대로써 최소 유전체 제작
Bong Hyun Sung; D CHoe; S C Kim; B K Cho
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Essays in Biochemistry, vol. 60, no. 4, pp. 337-346
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Microbibal diversity and complexity pose challenges in understanding the voluminous genetic information produced from whole-genome sequences, bioinrofmatics and high-throughput'-omics' research. These challenges can be overcome by a core blueprint of a genome drawn with a minimal gene set, which is essential for life. Systems biologt and large-scale gene inactivation studies have estimated the number of essential genes to be ~300-500 in mant microbial genomes. On the basis of the essential gene set information, minimal-genime strains have been generated using sophisticated geno,e engineering techniques, such as genome reduction and chemocal genome synthesized genomes have just been con-structed. Some minimal genomes provide various desirable functions for bioindustry, such as improved genome stabilaty, increased transformation efficacy and improved production of biomaterials. The minimal genome as a chassis geno,e for synthetic biology can be used to construct custom-designed genomes for various practical and industrial applications.
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