Critical roles of E2f3 in Growth and musculo-skeletal phenotype in mice

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Critical roles of E2f3 in Growth and musculo-skeletal phenotype in mice
Hae-Rim Kim; Faiz Ur Rahman; Kwang Soo Kim; Eun-Kyeung KimSang Mi ChoKihoon Lee; Ok Sung Moon; Young Won SeoWon Kee YoonYoung Suk WonHoyoung KangHyoung-Chin KimKi Hoan Nam
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International Journal of Medical Sciences, vol. 16, no. 12, pp. 1557-1563
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E2F3, a member of the E2F family, plays a critical role in cell cycle and proliferation by targeting downstream, retinoblastoma (RB) a tumor suppressor family protein. The purpose of this study, was to investigate the role and function of E2F3 in vivo. We examined phenotypic abnormalities, by deletion of the E2f3 gene in mice. Complete ablation of the E2F3 was fully penetrant, in the pure C57BL/6N background. The E2f3+/ - mouse embryo developed normally without fatal disorder. However, they exhibited reduced body weight, growth retardation, skeletal imperfection, and poor grip strength ability. Findings suggest that E2F3 has a pivotal role in muscle and bone development, and affect normal mouse growth.
DevelopmentE2f3+/- KnockoutGrowth retardationMouse phenotypeskeletal imperfection
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