Plastome comparison and evolution within the tribes of Plantaginaceae: insights from an Asian gypsyweed

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Plastome comparison and evolution within the tribes of Plantaginaceae: insights from an Asian gypsyweed
S Maurya; A M Darshetkar; Dong Keun Yi; J Kim; Changyoung Lee; M A Ali; Sangho Choi; R K Choudhary; Soo Yong Kim
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Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences, vol. 27, no. 12, pp. 3489-3498
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In spite of availability of several plastomes representing different tribes of Plantaginaceae, sparse attempts have been made to understand the plastome structure, evolution, and phylogenomics. In the present study, we have made an effort to understand the gene content and plastome evolution in the family Plantaginaceae using the newly generated plastome sequence of Veronica ovata subsp. kiusiana, a taxon native to SE Asia. In the first-ever attempt, plastomes of seven out of 10 tribes of Plantaginaceae have been compared to understand the evolution across the tribes of Plantaginaceae. The size of the plastome of V. ovata subsp. kiusiana is 152,249 bp, showing a typical quadripartite structure containing LSC, SSC, and two IRs with the sizes of 83,187, 17,704, and 25,679 respectively. The plastome comparison revealed the unique deletions in ycf2 and ndhF genes of members of different tribes, and also revealed high nucleotide variable hotspots. The study also revealed six highly variable genes and intergenic spacer viz. rps16, rps15-ycf1, ccsA-ndhD, ndhC-trnV, petN-psbM, and ycf1-trnN as potential DNA barcodes for the genus Veronica. The phylogenomic study revealed the sister relationship between V. ovata subsp. kiusiana and V. persica and also suggested the tentative placement of seven tribes in the family Plantaginaceae.
Antirrhinum majusNucleotide diversityPhylogenomicsPlastome evolutionSSRsVeronica ovata subsp. kiusiana
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