Coiled-coil domain containing 50-V2 protein positively regulates neurite outgrowth

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Coiled-coil domain containing 50-V2 protein positively regulates neurite outgrowth
Jusik Min; D Halder; Ji Yong Yoon; Su Jin Jeon; Soo Young Jun; Jae-Ran LeeJeong Ju Lee; Min Hyuk Choi; Cho-Rok JungDa Yong Lee; B J Kim; Nam-Soon Kim
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Scientific Reports, vol. 10, pp. 21295-21295
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The coiled-coil domain containing 50 (CCDC50) protein is a phosphotyrosine-dependent signalling protein stimulated by epidermal growth factor. It is highly expressed in neuronal cells in the central nervous system; however, the roles of CCDC50 in neuronal development are largely unknown. In this study, we showed that the depletion of CCDC50-V2 impeded the neuronal development process, including arbor formation, spine density development, and axonal outgrowth, in primary neurons. Mechanistic studies revealed that CCDC50-V2 positively regulated the nerve growth factor receptor, while it downregulated the epidermal growth factor receptor pathway. Importantly, JNK/c-Jun activation was found to be induced by the CCDC50-V2 overexpression, in which the interaction between CCDC50-V2 and JNK2 was also observed. Overall, the present study demonstrates a novel mechanism of CCDC50 function in neuronal development and provides new insight into the link between CCDC50 function and the aetiology of neurological disorders.
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