Sexing of mouse embryos by chromosomal analysis = 염색체 분석에 의한 생쥐 수정란의 성감별

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Sexing of mouse embryos by chromosomal analysis = 염색체 분석에 의한 생쥐 수정란의 성감별
Yong Mahn Han; J B Kim; H Y Park; K S Chung; Kyung Kwang Lee
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Reproductive & Developmental Biology, vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 36-41
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These experiments were carried out to obtain basic information necessary for sexing embryos by chromosomal analysis. To observe metaphase chromosomes, all embryos developed to blastocysts were cultured in Hoppe & Pitts’ medium containing 0.001% Colcemid under the gas phase of 5% CO! in air at 37 C for 2 hours. The sex chronjosome of mouse embryos shown normal development after culture in medium containing H-Y antiserum (10%,v/v) and complement (20%, v/v) also was confimed by chromosomal analysis. The results obtained in these experiments were summarized as follows: 1. Among 89 mouse blastocysts, the number of embryos identified to have XX and XY chromosome was 22(25%) and 25(28%), respectively and 42(47%) embryos were not identified. 2. Of total 40 mouse balstocysts cultured in medium containing H-Y antiserum and complement, 23(58%) embryos which were able to be discriminated their sex chromosomes were identified to be XX bearing embryos. 3. Sex chromosomes of a number of embryos subjected to chromosomal nalysis were not identified. This result may be due to absence or poor quality of metaphase spreads.
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