Development of RFLP markers from silkworm(bombyx mori) = 누에의 RFLP marker 개발

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Development of RFLP markers from silkworm(bombyx mori) = 누에의 RFLP marker 개발
Jin Sung Lee; Jae Sam Hwang; Sang Mong Lee; Seung Hyun Sung; Yong Sung Kim; Dong Sang Suh
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Genes & Genomics, vol. 21, no. 4, pp. 319-327
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To construct RFLP linkage map of silkworm (Bombyx mori), as a preliminary step, we assessed the efficiency for single or low copy sequences from silkworm genomic DNA. A genomic DNA plasmid library was constructed using EcoRI-digested 0.3 to 5 kb DNA fragments of II-111 strain. As results of two step screening (reverse colony hybridization and reverse southern hybridization) using a total genomic DNA as a probe, about 6% (70/1,200) of clones examined was estimated single or low copy sequences. At least 80% of total clones contained middle or high repetitive sequences. These results indicate that B. mori genome has a lot of high repetitive sequences. However, analysis for its precise copy number in the genome remains to be elucidated. The obtained 70 single-sequences will be useful molecular markers to study silkworm genomic analysis in the near future, although it has low efficiency of single copy sequence for constructing linkage map.
linkage mapplasmid genomic libraryRFLPsilkworm
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