Effects of transferrin on the modulation of cytokine production on mouse spleen cells

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Effects of transferrin on the modulation of cytokine production on mouse spleen cells
Si Yun Ryu; Kyu Shik Jeong; Sang Joon Park; Byoung Gil Mheen; Hwa Young Son; Won Kee Yoon; Sung Whan Cho; Bae Keun Park; Sung Ho Kim
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in Vivo, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 187-194
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In order to investigate the the effects of transferrin (Tf) on the production of cytokines, mouse spleen cells were treated with various concentrations of apo- and holo-Tf, and then the production of IL-6, IFNγ and the expression of mRNA for TNF α was determined. The distribution of Tf, macrophages and T cells in the mouse mammary glands was also examined. IL-6 and IFNγ producing capabilities of the unstimulated spleen cells in the presence of apo and holo-Tf were increased in a dose dependent manner, while the cells stimulated with anti-CD3 had no significant effects on production in thd presence of graded concentrations of Tf. The relative abundance of TNF α mRNA was significantly affected by the concentration of Tf. During early involution almost all of the secretory epithelial cells and the secretion in the alveoli showed a very strong positive reaction to transferrin antibody, and macrophages and T cells were distributed in the lumen, alveolar epithelial layer and connective tissue area. These findings suggest that the upregulated patterns of these cytokines and distribution of immune cells may play a beneficial role in the augmentation of host's defense mechanisms during involution.
transferrincytokinemouse spleen cellsmouse mammary gland
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