Plant regeneration of rose (Rosa hybridia) from embryogenic cell-derived protoplasts

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Plant regeneration of rose (Rosa hybridia) from embryogenic cell-derived protoplasts
Suk Weon Kim; Seung Chul Oh; D S In; Jang Ryol Liu
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Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture, vol. 73, no. 1, pp. 15-19
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Culture conditions are described for sustained cell division and plant regeneration from protoplasts of rose (Rosa hybrida L. 'Sumpath'). Protoplasts were enzymatically isolated from 2-week-old embryogenic cell suspension cultures. Freshly isolated protoplasts were plated as a thin layer onto protoplast culture medium (half-strength Murashige and Skoog's medium containing 60 g l-1 myo-inositol, 4.4 μM BA, and 1.4 μM 2,4-D) at a density of 5×104 protoplasts ml-1. The plating efficiency reached 3.9% after 2 weeks of culture. However, few protoplasts underwent cell division when cultured in protoplast culture medium in which 60 g l-1 myo-inositol was replaced with the same osmolarity of 90 g l-1 mannitol, indicating that myo-inositol is essential for sustained cell division of protoplasts. Colonies were formed after 8 weeks of culture at a frequency of 0.2%. Colonies were then transferred to colony culture medium (0.4% Gelrite-solidified protoplast culture medium) and maintained by subculturing at 4-week intervals to form embryogenic calluses. Upon transfer to half-strength MS basal medium, embryogenic calluses gave rise to numerous somatic embryos. Somatic embryos were transferred to half-strength MS basal medium containing 48 mg l-1 ferric ethylenediamine di-(o-hydroxyphenylacetate), where they subsequently developed into plantlets at a frequency of 30.9%. The plantlets had the same chromosome number of 2n=3x=21 as the source plant. They were successfully transplanted to potting soil and grown to maturity in a greenhouse.
Myo-inositolProtoplast cultureSomatic embryogenesis
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