Comparative genomic organization of the human and bovine PRNP locus

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Comparative genomic organization of the human and bovine PRNP locus
Sang-Haeng Choi; I C Kim; Dae Soo Kim; Dae-Won Kim; Sung-Hwa Chae; Han-Ho Choi; I Choi; J S Yeo; M N Song; Hong-Seog Park
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Genomics, vol. 87, no. 5, pp. 598-607
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We sequenced a 208-kb BAC clone spanning the bovine prion protein (PRNP) locus, and compared the genomic structure with that of human. As a result, we determined the precise breakpoint between the two syntenic genomes, located on the 5′ UTR of the PRNP gene, and discovered two highly repetitive sequences near the breakpoint. Further analysis demonstrated that the genomic structure of three genes, PRNP, PRND, and RASSF2, within the syntenic region of the bovine genome is highly conserved in order and orientation. The PRNT locus was not found in bovine but is conserved in several primates, including human. Moreover, we confirmed that the bovine RASSF2 is composed of 10 exons, as is the human gene, showing some difference from a previous report. Our findings may provide useful clues for understanding the evolutional process in the PRNP locus and also the mechanism that allows TSE from cattle to infect humans.
Bovine genomeComparative analysisOrganizationPrion proteinRepetitive sequenceSynteny breakpointTransmissible spongiform encephalopathy
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