Human endogenous retrovirus (HERV)-R family in primates: chromosomal location, gene expression, and evolution

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Human endogenous retrovirus (HERV)-R family in primates: chromosomal location, gene expression, and evolution
H S Kim; J M Yi; H Hirai; Jae Won Huh; M S Jeong; S B Jang; C G Kim; N Saitou; Byung Hwa Hyun; W H Lee
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Gene, vol. 370, pp. 34-42
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Hitherto, full-length endogenous retrovirus (HERV)-R has been located at human chromosome 7q11.2, and mRNA and envelope proteins have been detected in placenta and a variety of other cell types. In the present study, using a probe derived from the gorilla fosmid library, we detected the paralogous locus (7q31.3) of the HERV-R env gene in human chromosome 7q11.2, and also determined the chromosomal location in apes and Old World monkeys. The HERV-R gene was not detected in New World monkeys or prosimians with FISH and PCR analyses. We determined the sequences of the HERV-R env genes obtained from the genomic DNA of primates using PCR and sequencing tools. Except for a HERV-R env sequence derived from gorilla DNA, the functional domains of putative envelope proteins are conserved, suggesting that those domains could have a functional capacity in the primate genome. In addition, we investigated the env gene expression of HERV-R in various human tissues and cancer cells. An RT-PCR approach indicated that the env gene was expressed in several human tissues (brain, prostate, testis, kidney, placenta, thymus, and uterus) and cancer cells (RT4, BT-474, MCF7, OVCAR-3, LOX-IMVI, and AZ521). Taken together, our data could be of great use for understanding the evolutionary dynamics of HERV-R through primate radiation as well as the implications of its functional role in human tissues and cancers cells.
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