Prediction and evaluation of protein-protein interaction in keratinocyte differentiation

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Prediction and evaluation of protein-protein interaction in keratinocyte differentiation
H K Yoon; K C Sohn; J S Lee; Y J Kim; Jong Hwa Park; J M Yang; K H You; C D Kim; J H Lee
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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, vol. 377, no. 2, pp. 662-667
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Terminal differentiation of skin keratinocytes is a vertically directed multi-step process that is tightly controlled by the sequential expression of a variety of genes. We previously investigated the gene expression profile and found that many of differentiation-related genes expressed in a temporally regulated manner. In this study, we attempted to find the hub-molecules and their intracellular signaling networks during keratinocyte differentiation using in silico analysis of data obtained from previous studies. We used protein-protein interaction prediction software called PSIMAP, and drew a hypothetical signaling network. We chose one candidate hub-molecule SHC1 that were predicted to link EGFR and MAPK signal, and then evaluated the protein-protein interactions experimentally. As predicted, SHC1 bound to the MEK1 in an EGF-regulated manner. Furthermore, SHC1 bound to the MEK1 and p38 MAPK in a keratinocyte differentiation dependent manner. These results demonstrate that in silico protein-protein interaction prediction system can be used to efficiently and cost-effectively select the experimental candidates.
SHC1KeratinocyteMAPKProtein-protein interaction networkPSIMAP
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