Gene delivery using a derivative of the protein transduction domain peptide, K-Antp

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Gene delivery using a derivative of the protein transduction domain peptide, K-Antp
S H Min; D M Kim; M N Kim; J Ge; Dong Chul Lee; In Young Park; Kyung Chan Park; J S Hwang; C W Cho; Young Il Yeom
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Biomaterials, vol. 31, no. 7, pp. 1858-1864
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Due to their intracellular permeability, protein transduction domains (PTDs) have been widely used to deliver proteins and peptides to mammalian cells. However, their performance in gene delivery has been relatively poor. To improve the efficiency of PTD-mediated gene delivery, we synthesized a new peptide, KALA-Antp (K-Antp), which contains the sequences for PTD of the third α-helix of Antennapedia (Antp) homeodomain and the fusogenic peptide KALA. In this configuration, Antp is designed to provide the cell permeation capacity and nuclear localization signal, while the KALA moiety to promote cellular entry of the peptide-DNA complex. An optimal K-Antp/DNA formula was nearly 400-600 fold more efficient than Antp or poly-lysine-Antp (L-Antp) in gene delivery, and comparable or superior to a commercial liposome. The K-Antp-mediated plasmid DNA transfection not only exhibited temperature sensitivity, reflecting the involvement of an endocytosis-mediated gene transfer mechanism similar to other known PTDs, but also temperature insensitivity, suggesting the role of an energy-independent mechanism. Incorporation of an endosomolytic polymer polyethylenimine (PEI) into the system or treatment with chloroquine further increased the efficiency of K-Antp-mediated gene delivery. These results demonstrate the potential of the combinatorial use of KALA, Antp and PEI in the development of efficient PTD-derived gene carriers.
Antennapedia peptide (Antp)Fusogenic peptideGene deliveryKALAKALA-Antp (K-Antp)Protein transduction domain (PTD)
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