Kinetics of Zn(2+)-induced brain type creatine kinase unfolding and aggregation

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Kinetics of Zn(2+)-induced brain type creatine kinase unfolding and aggregation
H Mu; Z R Lu; D Park; B C Kim; Jong Hwa Park; F Zou; J M Yang; S Li; Y D Park; H C Zou; H M Zhou
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Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, vol. 160, no. 5, pp. 1309-1320
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We studied the effect of Zn2+ on the folding and aggregation of brain creatine kinase (CK-BB). We developed a method to purify CK-BB from rabbit brain and conducted inhibition kinetics and unfolding studies of CK-BB. Zn 2+ conspicuously aggregated and osmolytes, such as glycine and proline, were able to suppress the formation of aggregates and protect the enzymatic activity against Zn2+. These results suggest that Zn 2+ might act as a risk factor for CK-BB in the brain under certain conditions, and some osmolytes may help CK-BB to sustain the active state when Zn2+ is present. Our study provides useful information regarding the effect of Zn2+ on brain-derived metabolic enzymes, especially those that are putatively related to brain disease. Furthermore, our study suggests that although Zn2+ may induce CK-BB inactivation and misfolding, the ability of some abundant proteins and osmolytes to chelate Zn2+ nonspecifically may protect CK-BB and allow it to exist in the active form.
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