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Lee, Sooyun(이수연) 3

Immunotherapy Research Center (면역치료제연구센터)

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3 2021


Transforming growth factor β inhibits MUC5AC expression by Smad3/HDAC2 complex formation and NF-κB deacetylation at K310 in NCI-H292 cellsMolecules and Cells, vol. 44, no. 1, pp. 38-49Su Ui LeeMun-Ock Kim; Myung Ji Kang; Eun Sol Oh; H Ro; Ro-Woon Lee; Yu Na Song; Sunin Jung; Jae-Won LeeSoo Yun Lee, et al.
2 2020


A three-dimensional hyaluronic acid-based niche enhances the therapeutic efficacy of human natural killer cell-based cancer immunotherapyBiomaterials, vol. 247, pp. 119960-119960Young Ha Ahn; L Ren; Seok Min Kim; Sang-Hwan Seo; Cho Rok Jung; Da-Seul Kim; Ji Yoon NohSoo Yun Lee; H Lee; M Y Cho, et al.
1 2017


Macrophage migration inhibitory factor interacts with thioredoxin-interacting protein and induces NF-κB activityCellular Signalling, vol. 34, pp. 110-120Mi Jeong Kim; Won Sam Kim; Dong Oh Kim; Jae-Eun Byun; H Huy; Soo Yun Lee; Hae Young Song; Young-Jun ParkTae-Don KimSuk Ran Yoon, et al.