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Laboratory Animal Resource Center (실험동물자원센터)

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4 2021


Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis YB0411 inhibits adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 pre-adipocytes and reduces high-fat-diet-iInduced obesity in miceJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, vol. 69, no. 21, pp. 6032-6042M S Rahman; I Kang; Y Lee; M A Habib; Byeong Jo ChoiJong Soon KangDoo-Sang Park; Y S Kim
3 2020


Discovery of 5-phenoxy-2-aminopyridine derivatives as potent and selective irreversible inhibitors of Bruton’s tyrosine kinaseInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol. 21, pp. 8006-8006E Lee; H Cho; D K Lee; J Ha; Byeong Jo Choi; J H Jeong; J H Ryu; Jong Soon Kang; R Jeon
2 2020


Inhibition of skin inflammation by scytonemin, an ultraviolet sunscreen pigmentMarine Drugs, vol. 18, no. 6, pp. 300-300Moo Rim Kang; Sun Ah Jo; Hyun Ju LeeYeo Dae YoonJu Hee KwonJeong Wook YangByung Jo Choi; Ki Hwan Park; Myung Youl LeeChang Woo Lee, et al.
1 2018


실험동물 활용 기반 구축 및 지원 사업 = Infra-Building and Services in Biomedical Mouse Resource연구책임자 : 김형진 / 주관부처 : 미래창조과학부김형진남기환윤원기원영석문옥성이기훈서영원; 고영호; 김해림김은경, et al.